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From The Staff Of William's World
( Me, Myself, and I )

This Web Site Is A Labor Of Love
My Love Of Writing, And My Love Of Those Who Mean The Most To Me In Life, For Without Them I Would Not Want To Live Any Longer

I Dedicate William's World To The Following People

My Wife Marilyn, For Her Love, and Understanding.

My Family, Who I Have Always Loved, But Never Told Them Often Enough

My Young Friend Vickie Lynn, Who Has Given Me Proof That My Faith In The Young Of Today Is Not Misplaced

My Good Friend  Dwight, Who's Keen Mind, and Sharp Wit
Are Always A Source Of Inspiration To Me, and My Writing

My Friend Virginia, Who Encouraged My Writing From The Very Beginning

My Dear Friend Suzanne Holland

My Dear Friend Paddy Spangler

All My Many Other Friends, Who Have Given Me, and William's World Their Support

The Poets Of William's World

Suzanne Holland --- Suzanne's Reading Room

Dwight Millsap --- Dwight's Reading Room

Paddy Spanlger --- Paddy's Reading Room

Ralph Fallentine --- Ralph's Reading Room

Vic Fenton --- Vic's Reading Room

Webb C. Harris, Sr. --- Poems By Other Poets

Carolyn (Oswald) Savage --- Poems By Other Poets

Christopher P. Sly --- Poems By Other Poets

Shelly Kepner --- Poems By Other Poets

Rachelle Kepner --- Poems By Other Poets

NadineKepner --- Poems By Other Poets

Murtaza Kumail Khwaja --- Poems By Other Poets

William L. Kite --- My Poems

William's World Is Always Looking For New Poets
If You Have A Poem, Or Poems You Would Like To Share
Please Send Your Work To Me. Be Sure To Sign Your Name To Your Work
As It Will Not Be Posted On This Site Without The Authors Name

The Music Of William's World

A Very Special Thanks Goes Out To My Friend Gregg Boethin For Allowing Me To Have His Original Music Here On This Site

All Of The Other Music On This Site Was Found On Midi Sites That Stated To The Best Of Their Knowledge The Music Was In The Public Domain.
I Have Know Real Way Of Knowing If That Is True In Every Case, But If Someone Can Show Copyright To Any Of Them I Will Remove Them If They Wish Me To, Are Gladly Give Credit To Their Author.  Until I Know Otherwise, All I Can Do Is Say Thank You To All Of Those Who Have Shared Their Work On The Web, The Music Found Here Took A Great Deal Of Talent To Create, And I Do Not Want Anyone To Think That I Take Any Credit For It. I Have The Highest Respect For Those With The Talent To Do Such Wonderful Work. The Music On This Site Is Here Because I Believe It To Be Some Of The Best I Have Ever Heard.

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If You Are Looking For A Home On The Web
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Is Offensive To You Let Me Know. I Make No Promise That It Will Be Removed, But I Will Answer All E-mail I Get On This Subject.

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