Somewhere A Child Is Crying

Somewhere in the world a child is crying
Somewhere in the world a child is dying
Somewhere in the world a child will go to sleep
Without a blanket, or a bed, and not enough to eat

 While Nations pray onto their Gods
The lifeless bodies of children are laid neath the sod
 Nations for power, seem to have such a lust
But over the death of a child there is little fuss

For causes great we shall fight
For we are men, and we know what's right
Yet somewhere just beyond our sight
Is the sadness of the children's plight

Those that live learn from what we do
This I tell you is all to true
Come the day when they are men
They like us, will repeat wars sin

We must stop the killing, and the fighting
With the power in our words, and within our writings
We must find a way to live in peace at last
So that wars become things of our past

We can be better than we have been
We can raise above the fate of former men
Then one day we can say without fear of lying
There is no longer in the world a child that is crying

The Poet W. L. Kite

©Copyright of W. L. Kite


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